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You may have arrived here having requested Nothing has gone wrong! The ability to register and administer .ky domain names has now been incorporated directly into the ICT Authority's main site at You may return here at any time either by entering as before, or by updating your favourites to point to this page. And whilst you are here, why not browse through the rest of our site. You never know what of interest you might find!

The .ky Domain

The Information and Communications Technology Authority is responsible for the management and administration of the .ky Internet domain. The .ky domain is a "closed" domain. Only residents of the Cayman Islands and companies registered with the Cayman Islands Companies Registry may request .ky domain names.

Available from this page, and from the ".ky Domain" sub-menu at the left of the screen, are the following:

The On-Line Services (back-end) screens are currently being updated, and the new versions will be available soon.