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Domain Policies

By registering in the .ky domain, all registrants agree to be bound by the following domain policies:

  1. Registration in the .ky domain is available only to qualified Cayman entities, i.e. organisations and individuals resident in the Cayman Islands, or companies registered with the Cayman Islands' Company Registry. Both the Registrant and the Administrative Contact must have a Cayman Islands address and telephone number.
  2. There currently is no registration fee for qualified Registrants.
  3. Overseas (unqualified) Registrants may NOT use a local agent to circumvent these requirements.
  4. The arrangements of existing Registrants who obtained their domain name under previous policies will continue to be honoured on the same or better terms.
  5. No sub-domain in the .ky name space may be used for the display, sale, marketing or distribution of pornographic material.
  6. No sub-domain in the .ky name space may be used for the purposes of gambling or the promotion of gambling.
  7. No sub-domain in the .ky name space may be used for the bulk distribution of unsolicited e-mail (SPAM).
  8. By registering in the .ky domain, Registrants acknowledge that they must comply with the provisions of the Laws of the Cayman Islands, and in particular the Electronic Transactions Law, the Computer Misuse Law, and the Information & Communications Technology Authority Law.
  9. Registrants must keep their contact details up to date and inform the Authority immediately of any changes. We may cancel your domain name registration if the information provided to us is inaccurate, unreliable or false (including names), or you have failed to keep your contact details up to date, or failed to give us those details at all.
  10. By registering in the .ky domain, Registrants agree to be bound by the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy approved by ICANN on 24th October 1999 (subsequent revisions apply) and adopted by the .ky registrar (the ICT Authority) on 1st October 2003.
  11. Failure to comply with these policies can lead to the immediate suspension of the sub-domain in addition to any legal consequences.

.ky Domain Name Registrations Fee Notice - Update